Style Leggings So You Can Wear Them Anywhere

It’s Monday, 8am. You’re standing in front of your closet while mentally staring down a day of ZOOM meetings and emails. You swore you were going to put on “real” clothes today - maybe to give yourself some different energy for the day, or maybe you’re over looking like you just rolled out of bed when, um, if you venture out of the house. But there they are - soft, cozy, oh-so-comfortable. They whisper to you “we’ll make your day easier, isn’t your day hard enough?” And you think, why should I put on uncomfortable clothes and make adulting even harder?

Sigh. You reach for your favorite leggings. That you have 3 pairs of in black, and perhaps in a few different colors, too.

I think we should be kinder to ourselves with this idea of putting on “real” clothes versus wearing our beloved athleisure, especially while some of us are still working from home for part, if not all, of the time. However, if your comfy clothes make you feel a little undressed, fear not! Here are a few tips and hacks you can use to style your leggings and feel a little more put together.

  1. Make it a Monochromatic Moment - There is something about a color-coordinated set. It just feels put together, even if it's a matching sweatshirt and pants. But you don’t have to buy something entirely new. You can shop your closet for this tip. A great way to achieve your very own monochromatic moment is by pairing a sweater with leggings in the same color family. This also works great with sweatpants! Fun hack - use an earring or pin to gather a bulkier sweater on one side, giving it more interest and accentuating your waist.
  2. Throw on a Blazer - Historically an easy way to elevate a hoodie, a blazer adds some quick professionalism to leggings (like our Reese Ankle Leggings) and a bra top (like our Jonie Bra).
  3. Add Some Bling - Polish an outfit with earrings and a bracelet, necklace, or some rings. These will be captured in the screen of your video calls, showing that you’ve put in some extra effort and thought to how you present yourself.
  4. Consider Your Footwear - Pair  leggings with on-trend shoes like combat boots, ballet flats, or yes, even heels! Leggings + heels = instantly sexy look. Throw on a black tuxedo blazer and you're ready for a night on the town.
  5. Button Up, Buttercup - Another easy way to stay in your leggings while staying professional is with a button-up top. Keep it classic with something fitted (maybe even throw on an oversized sweater vest) or make it fashion with an oversized button-up with voluminous sleeves.

At the end of the day, it’s all about balance - plussing up and down different elements of your ‘fit and adding accessories to balance comfy elements with dressier ones. I recommend combining a couple of the tips above (ex: monochromatic + blazer, button up + dressier shoes) to feel put together while still at your most comfortable. Now get out there and be crush-worthy (and comfy)!

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