Jean (owner and founder of Heyden) sitting in black blazer, green leggings, on a brown leather chair.

HEY there!

I'm Jean, the owner and founder of Heyden. I started this store as a place for those who want to wear chic, high-quality clothing and accessories that they can't find elsewhere. In a sea of sameness and fast-fashion, Heyden is an oasis of thoughtful brands that, in addition to making v stylish pieces, have things like social missions and sustainability as part of their ethos.

My approach to style is that I want you to find clothes that make you feel confident - like you can crush it, day to night. At Heyden, you'll find things that will maximize your cost-per-wear, season after season, year after year. The most sustainable thing you can do is buy less - and I want you to look good while doing it.

We’re starting out small, and we may have some hiccups along the way (thanks for your patience!), but we’re going to be big and we want you to be part of our journey. If you haven’t already, sign up for our emails or follow us on IG @shopheyden for new clothing drops, styling tips, events and parties, and all sorts of other great stuff.

Much love and thanks for stopping by!